Picture of Sophie Ménard

Sophie Ménard, Ph.D.,   Integral Master Coach™, Executive Coach and Professional Facilitator


To foster the emergence of conscious and learning organizations by supporting the development of its members, using leading edge tools and personalized action learning strategies based on the principles of adult education.


To support the development of individuals, teams and organizations through the following:

Performance Optimization

Performance optimization consists in providing a range of tools that helps managers gain deeper self-knowledge, allowing them to practice a more efficient leadership approach in their work environment, which contribute to the whole organization’s efficiency.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching offers a personalized one-on-one accompaniment process that helps to deepen self-awareness, self-management and know-how in action.


Both generic and customized workshops are available on themes related to team performance and individual leadership.


Research contributes to the advancement of knowledge, innovation and the development of leading edge products. Sophie Ménard’s research interests lie in the realm of adult learning in the workplace, specifically, leadership development through coaching.